Sadhguru at TED

Sadhguru at TED

On a certain day, two cows were grazing...
on the English meadow... English cows. (laughter)
One cow asked the other, "What is your opinion
about the mad cow disease?" (laughter)
The other cow says, "I don't care a hoot.
I am anyway a helicopter." (laughter)
Being a mystic, being a realised being is just like this.
A cow realizing that it's a cow, and it becomes a celebrated cow.
Holy cow, isn't it? (laughter)
Is it that simplistic? So let me tell you my story.

So as a child one thing that I realized was
that I was utterly absolutely ignorant
and everybody around me seemed to know just about everything.
I did not know anything at all.
So because I did not know anything,
I had to pay enormous attention towards everything.
My sense of attention became like this:
if I see a leaf, I could just sit there looking at this leaf,
just staring at it for hours.
If I sat up in my bed just staring at the darkness,
I could just do this for the whole night.
So this attention brought a completely different level of involvement
and interaction with just about anything and everything around me
animate and inanimate.
But everybody else seemed to know everything
and they were just going about their life busy and happy.
But I was just tearing at every little thing.

Then I saw that I realized that even they did not know anything.
It is just that they had their assumptions and belief systems
that they were happy with either their own
or what werel handed down to them by someone else
and they not only knew about what is here
they also knew about other worlds, about gods,
about heavens and everything.
And here I was, struggling to figure out what is work.
So this so intrigued me that I started planting myself
outside a maintained major temple here in Mysore
because I wanted to really see after having a meeting with God
after having a conversation with God how people will be.
So I stood there intensely observing every face
that's walking out of the temple.
And generally I heard local gossip.
Sometimes in Indian temples your footwear walks away with someone else.
And then I see here people cursing the creation and the Creator.
I always found people walking out of restaurants
that are always had more joyful faces than people walking our campus.
Divine versus dosa, dosa seems to win.
I could not come to terms with this.
And so I slowly became more and more and more skeptical
about everybody and everything around me
skeptical about social structures
political systems religious beliefs even
scientific theories because none of them
match with my experience of life on a
certain day I started moving towards
John on the hill
you must see this place and there is a
tradition in Mysore if you have
something to do you go to Chamundi Hill
if you have nothing to do you go to
chairman dijo if you fall in love you go
to Chamundi Hill if you fall out you go
to Charmides oh I had just fallen out
and I had nothing to do so I started
moving towards Germany Hill and I went
up and said in a rock there till that
moment in my life I always thought this
is me and that's somebody else in
something else but for the first time I
did not know which is me and which is
not me suddenly what was me was just all
over the place the very rock on which I
was sitting the air that I breathe the
very atmosphere around me I have just
exploded into everything that sounds
like after insanity this I thought
lasted for 10
fifteen minutes but when I came back to
my normal consciousness I was about four
and a half hours I was sitting there
fully conscious eyes open but time had
just flipped in my experience for the
first time in my adult life tears were
flowing down and I've always been
peaceful and happy that was not an issue
but here I was drenched in a completely
different kind of blissfulness every
cell in my body bursting with ecstasy
when I shook my head and trying to get
some logical explanation for what's
happening to me the only thing that my
where its marked mind would say was
maybe I'm just going off my rocker
this experience as it deepened and it
started repeating itself if I just sit
here what is moments for me seem to be
hours for others I think it's a minute
hours have gone on a certain day I
happen to be sitting in a certain place
I actually thought it's about twenty
five thirty minutes but when I came to
my normal senses thirteen days had gone
by I was sitting right there India being
what hippies a whole crowd had gathered
Garland's around my neck people that
think my feet somebody wants to know
what will happen to his business
somebody wants to know when his daughter
will get married all the things that I
hated was just happening around me and I
had a more away from this place just to
avoid this crowd around me and as this
experience deepened into me one thing
that happened to me was everything that
I believed was me suddenly was not me
this was always me and suddenly I found
this is just an accumulation of food
that I've eaten what I accumulate can be
mind but can never be me this is just a
huge heap of impressions in my mind and
this body and mind not being me but just
being mine a distance arose between me
and my body between me and my mind this
also facilitated a certain experience
within me but suddenly the equation of
time and space was suddenly not
applicable for me I was seeing that what
is here is there what is there is he
past present and future got mixed up it
was one magista chaos but utterly
so my skeptical mind not able to come to
terms with it was I was started start
conducting experiments the experimenter
- we had to talk about and the results -
fairy tale is for anybody to believe but
one thing that I arrived at was that
existence is not human centric and all
human experience is self-made most
people believe that their experience is
molded by what situations in which they
exist but all human experiences 100%
self created from within I think today a
lot of science is beginning to agree
with that and having realized it if all
experience is created from within if the
basis of your experiences within you the
seed of your experiences within you as
it is what kind of experience of life
would you want to have for yourself I'm
sure you want it to be at most
pleasantness whatever you may be doing
what you want for your neighbor may be
debatable but what you want for yourself
definitely you want at most pleasantness
as I realize the basis of my experiences
within me I shifted from staring at
things to sitting with my eyes closed
this was a dimensional shift in my life
from staring to sitting with my eyes
closed I got so fascinated with the
human mechanism I wouldn't want to open
my eyes for days on end I'm just keeping
my eyes closed
wanting to see everything about this one
and what I realized was if I take a
piece of bread and put it into this
system this piece of bread becomes my
body in a few hours and I begin to
experience this as myself this amazing
process as I became more and more aware
of it I saw the very source of creation
the very maker of this body the
manufacturer of this body is within once
I saw this and I could see that I could
rewire my brains completely
24 hours changing myself beyond social
upbringing family situations even
genetic qualities in me I could see I
could just completely change everything
about myself in 24 hours I am a
different person under 24 hours I'm a
different person I was like a conscious
schizophrenic trying out different
things on a certain day I just in a
field hockey game I fractured my left
ankle and I went and sat down in a place
I was in excruciating pain and by then I
had also become a chronic at somatic and
I had a very serious of estimate and
this pain and this inability to breathe
through together they were quite
at that moment it occurred to me if the
maker of this body is inside why is it
that I cannot mend this from inside I
thought I sat down with a sudden resolve
if this is true I must be able to allow
it to mend itself otherwise I must be
completely in a wrong track I said I sat
down with my eyes closed for about
little more than an hour when I came out
my ass molest me never to come back
again and above all my fractured leg was
perfectly okay and little about little
more than an hour's time
armed with this experience I started
creating methods and systems through
which every human being could access
that intelligence and that capability
within the system which can make a piece
of bread into your human being this
intelligence and this competence within
the human system which is not just about
part process exists in every human being
but unfortunately remains untapped and I
went about creating systems that people
could make use of today these
technologies for inner well-being these
methods to engineer your interior tea
the way you want it millions of people
are making use of it enjoying the
benefits of that but the essential part
of this is that there is such a high
level of intelligence and competence
competence on every millimeter of the
body every point of the body not just in
the thought process
this is completely untapped by human
societies there are ways to do this and
as I went into this process what I saw
was what is it that determines what is
me and what is not me I am capable of
taking a piece of bread and making it
into myself if I look at this body it is
just a piece of this planet that I have
borrowed but why is this separate and
this is separate then I found that it is
just the boundaries of sensation which
determines what is me and what is not me
here there is sensation so this is me
there seems I don't feel the sensation
so that's not me as I looked at this
boundaries of sensation very very
closely from within myself this was the
space of my life where most of the time
I remained with my eyes closed I
realized that the boundaries of
sensation can either be stretched
expanded or even made smaller than what
it is right now
you can sit here and not feel anything
that's happening here right now this
happens in sleep to some extent or you
can sit here and extend your boundaries
of your sensation for this whole hall
and anything that is within the
boundaries of your sensation you will
always experience as myself there is a
glass of water here and this is not me
that's very clear but if you drink it
you just included it into the boundaries
of your sensation and that becomes you
so if you throw the boundary of your
sensation out in an expanded form you
can sit here and experience everybody in
this hall as yourself you can stretch it
further experience the very cosmic scape
and like you experience your own body
this sense of inclusiveness if it comes
into you when this came into me I
suddenly realized that to be loving is
not somebody's teaching to be
compassionate is not an idea to be an
empathy is not some esoteric principle
this is the way a human being is made if
only he does not constipate his
consciousness with limited
identifications with things that he is
not if you do not identify with anything
that you have accumulated over a period
of time including your body and mind
every human being is capable of this
when it comes to external situations
each one of us are differently capable
but when it comes to inner situations
every one of us is equally capable no
human being is better endowed than the
other when it comes to the inner realm
it's only in the external situations
that we are all differently capable if
this inclusiveness enters human life if
you can sit here and experience people
around you as yourself I don't think I
have to teach you to be good I don't
think I have to teach you to laugh I
don't think I have to teach you to care
because caring for this one is very very
this is ingrained within the very nature
of the existence this inclusiveness
definitely has to touch humanity so this
became my life my work and my endeavor
to develop methods so that people can
experience this inclusiveness
if this inclusiveness is experienced by
humanity particularly by the leadership
people who will power and probe
different aspects of responsibility in
the world definitely we could find
solutions for everything because today
we as a generation of people this is
very significant for the first time we
are capable of addressing every human
problem on this planet of nourishment
health education ecology you name it we
can address it all we have the necessary
resource capability and technology for
the very first time but are we going to
do it simply depends upon how inclusive
is our experience of life if you stand
here and you experience this planet as
yourself I don't think I have to tell
you take care of it every human being
would do his best when we do not have
this inclusiveness what we could do we
will not do in our lives if we do not do
what we cannot do that is not a problem
but if you do not do what we can do we
are a disaster my hope and my work is
just to see that we as a generation of
people do
not become that kind of a disaster that
what we can do we will definitely do and
right now what we can do compared to
what we could do 100 years ago is so
incredibly different so incredibly
different but what's missing is an
all-inclusive consciousness are called
all-inclusive experience of life if only
we bring this about in the leadership in
the people only then we will seek
solutions that are relevant for all
otherwise we'll go about dabbling
creating in the name of creating
solutions we go about creating more and
more problems if we truly have to create
solutions that are relevant for all an
experience of absolute inclusiveness has
to happen to humanity and it's possible
thank you very much








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