臨死体験 - 個人 (4)

Life After Life - Raymond MoodyLessons From The Light (Stories of Near Death Experiences)Sharon Milliman's NDE - Part 1Cherie Aimee...

臨死体験 - 個人 (3)

6歳の時の臨死体験から学んだ3つの叡智Present! - Scott Taylor: A Shared Near-Death Experience恋人の息子の死を共有臨死体験Scarlett and David Schwartz - Transformative Power of Love in a Shared NDE共有臨死体験で生まれた無条件の愛Vietnam Infantry Soldier 英語字幕付きJayne Smith Martha AtkinsDeaf Christian Comedian - Amazing Near Death ExperienceKathy Buckley...

臨死体験 - 個人 (2)

Dr. Eben AlexanderIan McCormackDr. Mary Neal Barbara WhitfieldBeverly BrodskyNadia McCaffreyRich Kelley...

臨死体験 - 個人 (1)

Jeff Olsen - Present!Jeff Olsen - Wisdom from NorthJeremy Kagan "NDE and the Ayahuasca experience" Dr. Lani Leary (Afterlife TV)Dr. Lani Leary (Wisdom From North)Dannion Brinkley interviewed by Lisa HarrisonBetty Eadie interviewed by Oprah Winfrey...

臨死体験 Alan Ross Hugenot

Present! - Science of the Afterlife2013/09/16 に公開The nature of consciousness2015/12/07 に公開Dr. Alan Ross Hugenot talks about his near-death experience and how he ended up being a medium. The nature of consciousness2017/10/05 に公開Science of Consciousness Survival with Dr. Alan Hugenot2017/01/17 に公開2016 IANDS Conference NDE Panel2016/12/07 に公開...

臨死体験 Nurture Your Soul (2)

The weeks after my Near Death ExperienceIs there such a thing as FREE WILL?If I have NOT had a Near Death Experience....how can I experience these things?Experiencing the No "Body" since my NDEThere is no such thing as Free Will?? Follow up videoNear Death Experience - vision questsCan a soul be 'left behind' as a ghost or trapped 'between worlds'?What can be said that could improve upon the silen...

臨死体験 Nurture Your Soul (1)

Kelly SammyNurture Your Soul臨死体験 1/5臨死体験 2/5臨死体験 3/5臨死体験 4/5臨死体験 5/5Musings from a MadwomanTransitioned Souls who had 'hurt' us in this life experienceWhy we choose to incarnate?...

臨死体験 Raymond Kinman

Raymond KinmanPresent! interviewer: Mel Van Dusen2014/04/02 に公開Present! interviewer: Mel Van Dusen2014/04/02 に公開Biography2011/11/21 にアップロードThe art of Conscious Living2012/09/01 に公開Raymond Kinman's NDEThis story was first mentioned in the biography channel's documentary I survived – beyond and back.San Pedro, California, summer 1966. When I was nine years old I was a very devoted Ca...

臨死体験 - 研究者

Near Death Experience - researchDr. Jeffrey LongDr. Raymond MoodyDr. Elisabeth Kubler-RossDr. Lloyd RudyBecki HawkinsElke MacartneyKenneth Ring...

臨死体験 PMH Atwater

PMH Atwater2010/02/12 にアップロードPresent! - P.M.H. Atwater 2012/11/04 に公開Interviewer: ヨニカ Wisdom from north2013/05/15 に公開PMH Atwater Interview (part one) 2013/05/15 に公開PMH Atwater Interview (part two) 2011/05/19 にアップロードPMH Atwater Interview 1 of 22011/05/19 にアップロードPMH Atwater Interview 2 of 22007/01/14 にアップロードDr PMH Atwater "NDEs in very young children"...

臨死体験 立花隆

人は死ぬ時何を見るのか人は死ぬ時何を見るのか 1/5人は死ぬ時何を見るのか 2/5人は死ぬ時何を見るのか 3/5人は死ぬ時何を見るのか 4/5人は死ぬ時何を見るのか 5/5...





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