臨死体験 Alan Ross Hugenot

Present! - Science of the Afterlife2013/09/16 に公開The nature of consciousness2015/12/07 に公開Dr. Alan Ross Hugenot talks about his near-death experience and how he ended up being a medium. The nature of consciousness2017/10/05 に公開Science of Consciousness Survival with Dr. Alan Hugenot2017/01/17 に公開2016 IANDS Conference NDE Panel2016/12/07 に公開...

臨死体験 Nurture Your Soul (2)

The weeks after my Near Death ExperienceIs there such a thing as FREE WILL?If I have NOT had a Near Death Experience....how can I experience these things?Experiencing the No "Body" since my NDEThere is no such thing as Free Will?? Follow up videoNear Death Experience - vision questsCan a soul be 'left behind' as a ghost or trapped 'between worlds'?What can be said that could improve upon the silen...

臨死体験 Nurture Your Soul (1)

Kelly SammyNurture Your Soul臨死体験 1/5臨死体験 2/5臨死体験 3/5臨死体験 4/5臨死体験 5/5Musings from a MadwomanTransitioned Souls who had 'hurt' us in this life experienceWhy we choose to incarnate?...

臨死体験  個人(3)

Jeff Olsen - Present!Jeff Olsen - Wisdom from NorthVietnam Infantry Soldier 英語字幕付きPresent! - Scott Taylor: A Shared Near-Death Experience恋人の息子の死を共有臨死体験Scarlett and David Schwartz - Transformative Power of Love in a Shared NDE共有臨死体験で生まれた無条件の愛Deaf Christian Comedian - Amazing Near Death ExperienceKathy Buckley...

臨死体験  個人(2)

Near Death ExperienceDannion Brinkley interviewed by Lisa HarrisonBetty Eadie interviewed by Oprah WinfreyAndrew Petro Dr. Lani LearyDr. Eben AlexanderEsther - (1/3)Rev. Suzanne BoehmJayne Smith, 1987 (1)Jayne Smith, 1987 (2)...

臨死体験  個人(1)

Rich KelleyJeremy Kagan "NDE and the Ayahuasca experience" Beverly BrodskyJacob NeedlemanBarbara WhitfieldNadia McCaffrey...

臨死体験 Raymond Kinman 

Raymond KinmanPresent! interviewer: Mel Van Dusen2014/04/02 に公開Present! interviewer: Mel Van Dusen2014/04/02 に公開Biography2011/11/21 にアップロードThe art of Conscious Living2012/09/01 に公開Raymond Kinman's NDEThis story was first mentioned in the biography channel's documentary I survived – beyond and back.San Pedro, California, summer 1966. When I was nine years old I was a very devoted Ca...

臨死体験  研究者

Near Death Experience - researchDr. Jeffrey LongDr. Raymond MoodyDr. Elisabeth Kubler-RossDr. Lloyd RudyBecki HawkinsElke MacartneyKenneth Ring...

臨死体験 PMH Atwater

PMH Atwater2010/02/12 にアップロードPresent! - P.M.H. Atwater 2012/11/04 に公開Interviewer: ヨニカ Wisdom from north2013/05/15 に公開PMH Atwater Interview (part one) 2013/05/15 に公開PMH Atwater Interview (part two) 2011/05/19 にアップロードPMH Atwater Interview 1 of 22011/05/19 にアップロードPMH Atwater Interview 2 of 22007/01/14 にアップロードDr PMH Atwater "NDEs in very young children"...

臨死体験 立花隆

人は死ぬ時何を見るのか人は死ぬ時何を見るのか 1/5人は死ぬ時何を見るのか 2/5人は死ぬ時何を見るのか 3/5人は死ぬ時何を見るのか 4/5人は死ぬ時何を見るのか 5/5...





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